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Brownson Country Club continues to accept applications for the 2017 season.  Effective September 1, 2017, the Club will introduce its 'Year-End' 2018 Membership Promotion. 

Brownson offers a variety of 'Single Season' membership plans ranging from Full Privilege Family & Individual, Weekday Family & Individual Associate, a restructured 'full privileged' Junior Golf membership (Individual and Family - under age 42), Family or Individual Pool, Social Dining & Clubhouse Membership to Corporate plans.  The Club is currently 'waiving' the customary up-front Initiation and Application Fees.  Under the Year End Promotion, applicants may join the Club for the 2018 Season...begin to enjoy the golf course and facility IMMEDIATELY upon approval and monthly dues and fees will be deferred until March, 2018.


For a limited time, the Club is offering new applicants an opportunity to join as special '2-Year' Certificate and Associate Golf and Family Pool Memberships at a significant savings vs. the current dues and fee schedule.  As with the 'Single Season' memberships, the Year-End Membership offer to 'Join Now, start playing the golf course and enjoying the facility NOW...defer Annual Dues' to 2018' applies.


Brownson is a Private 'Equity Membership' Club.  The Clubhouse, the pool complex and golf course are for use by its members and their guests only.  There is no public play.





Please contact Membership Chairman, Carl Kopf at, or call 203-929-6486... or if no answer, cell phone 203-906-3645, for pricing details and info on the 2018 Membership Specials.  

Great savings to enjoy a wonderful golf course at a private club known for its great family atmosphere.  

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